Definition of NGO
NGO (non-governmental organization) is a group that is in a charitable form and co-operates in organized foundation acts for general public benefit in areas such as culture, society, welfare, research and order.

Spadana cycling society is a non-governmental organization which was founded in Isfahan by a group of experts and lovers of cycling in 2001.

This society was given an official certificate by a National Youth Organization numbered 060418073-2027 with its main goal to gain interest from different areas of society.
From then on, Spadana cycling society has tried to gain interest from men and women as an environmentally-friendly society.

By running different cultural athletic programs: family, elementary, intermediate and professional, this cycling society tries to achieve its aims and goals. One way of achieving their goals is maintaining a stable timetable of cycling every Friday morning.

Spadana cycling society goals
1) To spread cycling among different areas of society.
2) To encourage many people to use the bicycle.
3) To maintain a clean and healthy environment for lovers of  fresh air.
4) To make a suitable area for designing necessities of bike riding.
5) To improve urban living space by cycling.

Diplomacy of Spadana cycling society
Under the supervision of board of directors, diplomacy of this society is programmed. In order to reach their goals effectively, they are divided into different categories: culture, technical and engineering, championship, tour, touristic cycling, and mountains.

The culture category attempts to organize cultural and social events.

The technical and engineering category involves careful planning to try to design and construct an area especially for cycling activities and a place where members can go to for advice on what bicycle is best suited for them.

The championship category involves competitions.

The tour and touristic cycling categories attempt to provide amusing and fun tours. These categories also attempt to reach people living further away by cycling long distances so no one misses out on this society.

The mountains category expands cycling paths into mountains, creating new ground for cyclists and trips to a variety of mountain zones.

We sincerely hope that our cycling society achieves its goals and aims through regular attendance and your co-operation.

Many thanks.


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